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Embracing technology can be an exciting adventure, and at times, a daunting one. At BestGen It Solutions, we understand the unique challenges that come with navigating the digital world as an older adult. Our mission is to empower seniors to confidently use and enjoy their devices while staying connected with loved ones and the world around them.

Tech Support

  • Tech Support

    Every month
    Support for any tech related issues
    • Unlimited phone support to walk you through the problem
    • Unlimited house calls if problem can't be solved over phone
    • Free pick-up and delivery for repairs

Learn More About All The Features Included In Your Subscription

Unlimited Remote Support

We are dedicated and designed to assist older individuals with their technology-related concerns and challenges. It operates from Monday to Saturday and provides seniors with dependable help for various issues they may encounter with their digital devices, software, and online activities.

Scam Support

Scam support is a service designed to help you recognize and protect yourself from fraudulent activities and scams. Our team is here to provide guidance, share tips, and assist you in identifying potential scams to ensure your online and financial security.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery

No longer worry about transportation to and from the store. We offer a hassle free solution where we will pick up and deliver at no extra charge for you.

Quick Tutorials

Quick tech tutorials are expertly crafted, bite-sized guides designed to make navigating the complexities of technology a breeze for you. They serve as your personalized roadmap to understanding specific tech-related tasks or concepts.

Pop-In Clinic

Our tech support pop-in clinic is a walk-in service where customers can bring their electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets, to get quick assistance and troubleshooting for various technical issues. 

40% Off Repairs and Other Services

As a subscribing customer of BestGen, you get the incredible added benefit of 40% off all repairs and house calls.

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